Freecycling Aggregator

You want it? You have it

A place to find all those scattered ads

Freecycling is nice, and we always have liked it, but there are so many sites scattered around. Giving and receiving becomes tiring and time consuming. Let's change that!

A new APP for the modern times

With the new Freecycling Aggregator APP you will be able to see all the listings around your area from different providers, platforms, communities and websites, so no need to check in 10 different pages for the thing you need!

  • Mobile friendly APP
  • Fast loading
  • No registration required
  • Growing community
  • Showing ads near you
  • Multi-platform listing

Freecycling shouldn't mean old and worn, let's give it the modern look it deserves. Mobile is the future, the Freecycling Aggregator APP is the place.

Keep checking our website to find out the release date of the new Freecycling Aggregator APP.

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